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A site dedicated to people who are not in the family, and have been affected by the closing of CCF!
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 Leaving for Good.

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PostSubject: Leaving for Good.   Fri Sep 25, 2009 4:11 pm

Now, I don't want to sound mean when I say this, but...

I never really got on with anyone here.

I tried so hard to get online, and when I did, there really was no one anyway. I hate to say this, but today is my day of departure. I never got on with anyone here. Not even Dog-chan, even if I did feel like we got on sometimes. Plus, I need to spend more time with the family now. And I have much homework. I can't catch up with the amount of sites I gotta moderate. So there are some that I must leave.

Goodbye, everyone.

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Leaving for Good.
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