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 Sakura Angels: Gurdians of Secretcy

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Sakura Angels: Gurdians of Secretcy Empty
PostSubject: Sakura Angels: Gurdians of Secretcy   Sakura Angels: Gurdians of Secretcy Icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2009 8:32 pm

Two twins who had left home after being endlessly beat by their parents, and they discovered a haven amongst a forest of sakura trees. The twins saw these creatures, who they swore an oath to- they would keep their secret. They, after a while, go to the sakura forest one day and never come back. They turned into guardians of the forest. Angels, if you may. More and more people keep discovering this forest, but one has started spreading rumors of these secret creatures. The twins were supposed to stop them, but one got captured, and she has not been seen since. Without her, the ecosystem of the forest is collapsing, and the present twin is struggling to keep this forest secret, and keep it alive.


Or cussing without *'s.

PG-CHAN IS OWNER!! She iz made plot!!
Three warnings are all I'm giving
No arguments!
Me and PG play the twins!
HAVE FUN!!!!!!
The rule above is an order.

FORM (Remove Brackets)

With or against the twins:
Bio//Personality: (No optional or find outs! I want to see three good sentences! I don't like to be mean or naything, but people forget to post their bio while RPing too.)


Species: (Angel, Neko, Inu, etc.))
With or against the twins:
Human Appearance:
Species Appearance:
Powers: (Three max.)
Bio: (Same as human form!)

My Forms

Name: Silk Mirkina
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Death or Fallen Angel, call her whatever.
With or against the twins: She IS one of the twins!
Human Appearance: Sakura Angels: Gurdians of Secretcy BLBFd
Species Appearance: Sakura Angels: Gurdians of Secretcy Anime_girl
Powers: She has two powers, darkness and shadows.
Bio: Silk is the cruelty of the sisters. She doesn't like to be treated like a baby or pampered like her sister does. She isn't so kind, but loves her sister dearly and cares about her a lot. After her sister was taken away, she had become darker than usual. Her hair usually covered her face, and she chants things in a different language which make her attacks shoot out. Silk doesn't really like her name, because it doesn't match her. So, people call her Dark.
Crush: The boy who frees her inner kindness...Whom?
Other: To change from human to Angel, she chants words in a different language and floats in the air while light glows on her her. POOF! She's an angel.
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Sakura Angels: Gurdians of Secretcy
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