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 Autumn's Story

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PostSubject: Autumn's Story   Autumn's Story Icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2009 6:08 pm


Breaths were shown in the empty space around people's faces. Autumn stood silently and still. The only thing moving was her caramel colored long hair flowing in the air of the cold breeze. Her leggings kept her legs warm. Her lavender and black buttoned coat helped sink in her warmness. She walked into the huge school standing as still as she had once been. Her head turned left and right as she took of her coat. It was so warm inside.

Meanwhile, a young sporty girl had gone the other way. Her name was Mimi and couldn't keep still. She moved her luggage into one dorm room. She started unpacking delightfully. Autumn went into another and did the same. She couldn't believe how wonderful a dorm school could ever be.

Autumn walked out as she finished pulling on her shirt. It was Saturday, and classes start on Monday. her shirt read, Homemade Pie!! YUM! She wore green pants, and pink flats. Mimi ran out, wearing a pink shirt with a purple and green shirt. And with blue jeans and black flats. The girls bumped into each other. "Sorry," Autumn apologized. Mimi was in surprise. "You're Autumn, right?" she asked eagerly. The girl was in shock. How does she know my name? she thought, with a blank expression on her face.

"Y-yes." Autumn replied taking a step back. Mimi clapped delightfully. A girl approached them, calling Mimi. "Mimi! I was looking for you all over this school! Did you know it has three libraries and four music rooms?" the girl asked her. "Anyways, Mother told us to stick together!" she added. Autumn thought that maybe they were sisters. "Lola! Okay, okay. But this is Autumn." Mimi muttered referring to the silent girl. "How do you know me?"
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Autumn's Story
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