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 Roleplay Rules!

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Roleplay Rules! Empty
PostSubject: Roleplay Rules!   Roleplay Rules! Icon_minitimeTue Sep 08, 2009 9:26 am

Okay, so we all know how to RP (if you are not a n00b like some). So here, just for the record (and n00bs out there), we will add teh rules of RP for SAKP.

1. Make sure you know how to create proper RP's!

2. Please, specify what RP Level the RP is at. Because if someone is a Beginner and you are an Expert at RP, it will look bad on you.

3. For the love of Jebus, NO SWEARING! And if you feel the EXTREME need to, use Asterisks. Ex: ****!
The owner of the RP can decide whether you can swear like that or not swear at all.

4. Keep all RPs at a PG rating of 15 or lower. There are users under 13 here, and you must respect that.

5. Respect the makers of the RP. Do not break their rules. If they say, "MAX 2 Characters", you do that.

6. NO CYBERING! Charecters can fall in and out of love, but keep it to the kissing extent. Thanks.

7. NO GMing: That means taking over someone elses charrie. No one can do that. You can't post as someone else's character. You can only play what you made. You can not make things happen to the other persons charry either, without proper concent!

8. Summaries. ONLY request a Summary once the RP has progressed 5 pages without you. If not, then READ. And I dont care WHAT the roleplay owner says on when and who can ask a summary and that it 'must' be answred, for truth of the matter is that no one likes to give summaries, they drag us down. So please, for the love of Jebus, ONLY ASK SUMMARIES AFTER 5 PAGES OF ROLEPLAY GO BY! Otherwise you WILL be ignored, and if you bug enough you will get a warning and kicked from that roleplay. Honestly we'd all love it if people did not ask for a summary AT ALL. But sometimes people just cant read 5 pages... Or even 1 for that matter. And if you can't handle this rule, DON'T roleplay. Thanks.

I will add more later, but please do not let the RP Moderators see you breaking these rules. In fact, DO NOT BREAK THEM AT ALL.
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Roleplay Rules!
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