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 VOCALOID: I found my heart! (Based on Rin's/Len's song, KOKORO)

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VOCALOID: I found my heart! (Based on Rin's/Len's song, KOKORO) Empty
PostSubject: VOCALOID: I found my heart! (Based on Rin's/Len's song, KOKORO)   VOCALOID: I found my heart! (Based on Rin's/Len's song, KOKORO) Icon_minitimeFri Sep 11, 2009 4:58 pm

Len said something before he disappeared amongst the dancing sakura petals. It was something that no vocaloid would never forget for generations.

"When I vocaloid sings, I see it has learned something.

When a Vocaloid is alone, they have not learned much at all.

When a Vocaloid cries, I know they have found their heart."

Rin never forgot this, and made many new vocaloids like herself. She taught them how to sing, play, and dance... an she gave all of them hearts.

But one fateful day.... humans discovered the vocaloids and planned to use them as tools for their own needs. The vocaloids would not stand for this. They wanted a life where all humans and vocaloids could be at peace amongst each other... embracing the world. The humans won't have it...

Rin's machinery broke down on that day. The vocaloids needed her more than ever. Luckily, a vocaloid that was only recently made by her was said to have the powers to give the vocaloids a power of their own. They didn't just use vocals to fight back, they used things like fire or telekinesis. This special vocaloid broke down after giving the last vocaloid a power. This vocaloid is the first that Rin ever built... the vocaloids are now lead by her.

Are you a vocaloid, wanting peace in both parties, or are you a human, fighting for your human rights?

1. NO Gming!
2. No Spam!
3. No Cussing!
4. R/L/V at PG-15!
5. We will need an even number of vocaloids and humans before we start.
6. Unlimited characters!
7. B4L Rules Apply!
8. No TrashTalk!
9. No Scriptspeak!
10. ENJOY!!!
11. PASSCODE: "Len gave me a heart, and I will give a gift back." ~Rin


Age: (It can be any number. Just go ahead and pick a number, high or low)
Appearance: (Even if your age is 100 or 0, your vocaloid looks like a child/teen/young adult)
Why did you get this power?: (Optional, leave blank if it was a random power)
Bio: (If 0 years old, leave blank.)
Crush?: (CAN BE HUMAN! XD)

-Human Form-
Age: (0-20)
Weapon(s): (Upto 3!)

~My Forms~

Name: Kestra Buona
Age: 500
Gender: Female
Appearance: VOCALOID: I found my heart! (Based on Rin's/Len's song, KOKORO) Vocalo11
Power: Light
Why did you get this power?: Because she was the destined leader of the VOCALOIDS.
Bio: Rin started work on this VOCALOID before any other, and because of this, Kestra was loved by all VOCALOIDS. She looks alot like Rin, only she has no bow in her hair, her garments are white, black and pink, and she wears trousers instead of a skirt. She's like a twin of Rin. Her first emotion was love and compasion for all creatures, people and VOCALOIDS. Thoses emotions helped her learn happiness, sadness and all the other emotions. But for some reason, the only time she was sad was when Rin stopped working. They were best friends, after all. Not long before the humans discovered a VOCALOID colony, Kestra met this male VOCALOID with a human, arguing, and she got caught up in all the fuss. This lead to her love for the VOCALOID boy AND the Human boy.
Crush?: The Vocaloid Boy AND the human boy! (ANYONE CAN PLAY!!!)

Name: Kokoro Kiseki
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: VOCALOID: I found my heart! (Based on Rin's/Len's song, KOKORO) Kokoro10
Weapon(s): A Gun, A knife and some shuriken.
Bio: Not much known... she is a mass murderer in her area though, and despises most who cross her, especially the vocaloids.
Crush?: None.

Name: Suu
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Appearance: VOCALOID: I found my heart! (Based on Rin's/Len's song, KOKORO) Vocalo10
Power: Nature
Why did you get this power?: She loves plants and flowers, especially sakura trees and panda bears.
Bio: An extremely new made of vocaloid, she is one of the last ones that Rin ever made.
Crush?: None.... MAYBE a Vocaloid Boy could shine a light through her heart?
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VOCALOID: I found my heart! (Based on Rin's/Len's song, KOKORO)
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