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A site dedicated to people who are not in the family, and have been affected by the closing of CCF!
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 The Rules!!! MUWHAHAHAHA!

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The Rules!!! MUWHAHAHAHA! Empty
PostSubject: The Rules!!! MUWHAHAHAHA!   The Rules!!! MUWHAHAHAHA! Icon_minitimeTue Sep 08, 2009 8:34 am

These are the main rules of the site and are expected to be obeyed at ALL times. Other rules for other bits of the site shall be posted here. Mind you, after it is all up, this forum will be locked, so do not post on any of the rules unless you are a mod and wish to edit what I have wrote adding in some rules of your own. Now, remember, these are the main rules. The overall rules you have to follow will be written here.

  • 1. Remember, this site was made for other's, as well as your, enjoyment. Do not ruin other's fun just because you did not win something, get the rank you wanted, your username changed right after you messaged a mod while others did, ect.

  • 2. There ARE people here under the age of 13! This means we are NOT to swear! Keep the language clean please! It would be nice if you did.

  • 3. For the love of life, please DO NOT post rude or offensive content! This will get you banned if you do! We want to keep this a clean site!

  • 4. DO NOT FLAME. It is just downright rude. No one likes to be flamed, and it really is just disgusting behaviour.

  • 5. If you have any problems, use the Help Board. Our Official Helpers will help you because our mods are usualy busy. We are all human, so dont expect us to come rushing to your aid idmeadiatly. Thank you.

  • 6. Any suggestions for the site are to be placed in the Suggestion Box part of the Forum. Please do not bug the mods via PM!

  • 7. DO NOT BEG FOR MODERATION! Or any other kind of Special Job. There will be chances to get these, but do not PM us or beg for these positions. If you beg, you will NOT get the position you want.

  • 8. NO CYBERING! Please! No one likes/appreciates this! DO NOT CYBER! Okay?

  • 9. If you break the rules more than 3 times you will be banned from the site permanently.

Yeah, taken from CCF. But who cares? We all know the rules, right? XD
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